Friday, December 9, 2011

My apologies for the long interval between my last post.  It took some time for me to recover from the loss of my faithful sidekick, muse and studio companion - Doodle, my pitbull daughter.  She died last July.  She lived to be more than twelve years old, around 62 in dog years.  A very old age for a pitbull, I was told, but little consolation to me as I was hoping she would live to be a hundred.  To say that I was devastated by her passing is an understatement.  I started and threw away many paintings in the weeks and months that passed.  Somehow, my paintings were ending up either too dark or too sombre, and it was adding to my depression.   But weird how sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring some focus.  I have been putting off writing my artist statement not because I do not know it but because I could not put into words what I was feeling and thinking.  The alone time forced me to do a lot of introspection.  I can work on the statement now.

To combat grief, I busied myself scouting and sketching possible subjects.  I made studies for portraits and landscapes.  I also got busy experimenting and thinking up tools to help me with painting and framing.  I had to make myself go out into the garden because for the first weeks, I could not.  My dog was always accompanying me whenever I am out taking pics and so it was hard remembering.  Later, I entertained invites to visit relative's gardens.   It was partly to remind myself that life is still beautiful.  It was also in acknowledgement that while I could not paint then, I knew I would get back to it eventually.  The love for painting is always there and so I continued collecting references and continued to be on the lookout for unusual plants.  I also learned a new skill with my sister, medical transcription.  A backup in case I don't ever get my painting mojo back.  Met a lot of good people and made new friends  :D

I am back to painting again.  Almost finished with two new ones.   Anyway, just wanted to say hello and to give a little explanation for the absence.

A preview of what's to come.  An improved DIY watercolor paper stretcher using locally available materials (Philippines).  How to "wick" your frames to improve protection against damp.  As well as the usual painting projects.

Again, my heartfelt appreciation.  Thank you very much for sticking around.