Tuesday, July 17, 2012

International Watercolor Society

What a treat I got in the mail.  A packet from Turkey arrived and it contained my copy of the IWS Catalog and a certificate of appreciation too.

Thank you very much IWS.  What a great honor for me.  Thank you not just for the experience but also because I met and gained new friends who share the passion for the medium.

About IWS - International Watercolor Society

The catalog is not yet available for ordering but is available for viewing online.  Catalog cover pic will take you to the fb album.  A bit of correction.  The 2013 is not yet out.  This is the 2012 IWS catalog.

IWS Catalog

My painting that got included.
Before I go, let me share with you this video collection compiled by IWS from participating artists all over the world.  Watercolor is really a very expressive medium able to accommodate a multitude of styles.

2012 IWS Jury Committee