Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Striped Orchids

30 x 40 watercolor I'm working on.   I mostly do my color mixing on the paper itself.  This one uses a limited palette:  Winsor Lemon, Permanent Rose, Permanent Sap Green, Cobalt Blue and Indanthrene blue. All winsor and newton artist tube watercolors on Arches cold pressed 140.

And here is the finished piece.


  1. Although I am an impressionist painter I love the detail in your paintings!

  2. Thank you very much Ingrid. You might not be surprised if I tell you my early influences include the Impressionist. I like how they let your eyes mix the color. Makes for very vibrant coloration. I also try to apply the same principle whenever I paint watercolors. I do most of the mixing on the paper and I would often work in layers. I would put a passage of paint in one color. Let that dry. Paint another color over it and if you look from afar, it looks to be a new color. That is why I prefer transparent watercolors.
    The details of this orchid was achieved through the same principle. I like to sometimes refer to it as illusion of detail because it looks very detailed but actually, I do only the most detail on one or two focal points and just suggest the rest. But it often does the trick and people think I do the most intricate detailing. I think of all the styles, the impressionists are the ones who came closest to understanding how the human eye and brain works. And I go nuts over their use of color.