Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pintura de Flores

Pintura de Flores is a new watercolor blog by noted artist Fernando Pena.  It is all about flower paintings done in different mediums.  I'm very honored to have been invited and to have my work included. 

Please visit and see beautiful floral paintings done in different styles and media by favorite artists in different parts of the world.  Links to each artist's blog or website are provided in the articles so you may view their works more extensively.

Featured artists include:
Ambar Labruna
Ana Hernandez Morote
Annalein Beukenkamp
Jillian Crider
Joyce Washor
Kay Smith
Fabio Cembranelli
and more to come soon.  Pintura De Flores

Thank you very much Fernando.

Fernando Pena has a website for everything watercolor.   You'll enjoy more watercolor paintings and see the works of featured artist specializing in landscapes, still lifes, portraiture and more.  Plus get tips on latest videos and books out by celebrated artists.  Visit and enjoy Watercolorspainting


  1. What you do is so awesome I think the others should be honored to be shown with you.

  2. Thank you Stan, for the vote of confidence. :D