Thursday, April 7, 2011

unusual plants

I'm still working on the article I'm supposed to post for my March entry.  

In the meantime, here are some unusual plants I've come across that I'm still hunting the names of. 

Quick sketch of a wild vine that can be found on the mountains of Bataan.  It had thick leaves, kidney-shaped pods and red fruits that reminded me of siling-labuyo (chili pepper) in appearance.  The vine is usually found entwined around bamboo poles. I do not know if it is a parasite plant or if it is just using the bamboo as a base.  The main cluster was clinging to a bamboo node that had those dried out stem shoots (probably for a more stable hold).  I was told it may be some kind of orchid.  I asked if the pods open or something but was told, it just stays like that until the whole inside of it decays.  A very unusual plant.  If you decide to hunt for this vine though when you go trekking in the mountains, please be reminded that you are not allowed to bring down plants from the mountain.  Even flower picking is forbidden so if you have to take souvenirs, sketch or take a photo.

Will provide a better illustration when I get around to painting it.

Here is another unusual plant.  This one found in the lowlands.  Used by farmers as a souring agent when they cook sinigang.  I was told it is several times more sour than kalamansi or kamiyas.  Will have to go back for a more detailed interview on how to use it for cooking. This plant first caught my eye because of the beautiful flowers.

The next one (picture below) is known locally as Lobo-lobo.  Found this one on a roadside.  My sister recognized it when I showed her a picture.  She told me they used to play with it when they were little.  If you jump on it, it will make a popping sound.  Used to be a lot in the subdivision, she says (strange I never saw this before), but now harder to find.

Will be hunting for more not so usual plants.
Thank you for looking.

Update: found a very informative site.
The first plant is called Dapo-sa-boho.  Should have known it would have that name.  The english translation of Dapo-sa-boho is "something that landed or attached itself to a bamboo".

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