Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sunlit Yellow Hibiscus

Finally, regular internet service is back on.  Thank you friends for waiting with me.  It has been quite a while but I am hoping to make it up this year with all that I have promised to do.  Thank you for the patience.

Finished this hibiscus early December last year but could not post it or the painting progress online.  Aside from losing internet service, this painting was to be a surprise gift for my friend Cathy from her husband.  I usually do not do the same color flower in a row but when Noel and I were discussing what kind of flower Cathy might like and at the same time what would compliment the color scheme of their house best, we agreed on a yellow hibiscus.  It helped that the last time they were over at our place several months ago, Cathy liked the yellow hibiscus I just finished for Gigi.  

Sunlit Yellow Hibiscus
19.5 x 16.5 inches
watercolor on paper

Thank you very much Noel and Cathy for the support and for letting my work be part of your new home.


  1. It is a masterful watercolor.
    Congratulations, Karen!

  2. You are really good with the flowers. A master of the medium.

  3. This is just lovely, so many variations in the yellow. And I love the blue background with it.